flowers and legends

     The tibetan legends says that the young girl Hoan-Lan enchanted any man that laid eyes on her beauty. Many tried to express their love through sumptuousious gifts, but nothing satisfied her vanity and whimsical temper, rejecting everyone who didn´t offer something that match her beauty.


The angry gods punished the conceited girl by clouding the eyes of the handsome shepherd Mun Cay, who did´t return the same smile as Hoan-Lan did while strolling through the woods. 

Displeased and obsessed, Hoan-Lan tried by all means to seduce Mun Cay in vain, until she appeal to a magic spell from a witch so he would fall in love before her beauty.

Thus, Hoan-Lan was turn into an opulent and elegant orchid in the middle of the woods and finally caught the attention of Mun Cay.

The orchid is a symbol of elegance, ostentation y opulence.


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