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The idea of this craft come up in 1981, when we wanted to create a 100% Mexican product using our main precious metal, silver, combining it with the great variety of flowers and colors that features our country.

The result was an artisan jewelry line, where the beauty of women matches perfectly with the flower’s, in a context that was born in the depth of our land and our roots, with the intention of carrying both symbolically and literally, a bit of Mexico to the whole world in each piece.

of a handcraft

TAMI is a company formed by a small number of members who contribute with their skills and talent. Among us we can find; specialized craftswomen in the encapsulation process of flowers, gardeners, craftsmen in metallurgy, designers and creative personnel, photographers, administrators, sellers, marketers, among a large number of specialized people who contribute their knowledge and dedication to development of each of our handmade items with the best quality.

Our craft is made with miniature natural flowers and encapsulated with .925 sterling silver.

The flower crops are achieved in special conditions in a climate of 27 ° C, feature climate of the province of Morelos where we are located.

When the buds bloom, they are cut and dehydrated with a very delicate process, for which, the flower preserves its natural colors and fresh look. A mixture of specially designed resins is used for the encapsulation process, which gives the flower a coating harder than glass.

Our production is carried out under strict quality control and no piece is equal to another.

of a handcraft